Cosmeston Lakes is a beautiful place to go for a gentle walk. It's a favourite with kids and birdwatchers, because the quiet waters and nearby meadows attract all kinds of wildlife.

The lakes might look perfectly natural now, but a few decades ago the area looked very different. The water fills what were once deep quarry pits. Cosmeston is a shining example of what can be done to make a post-industrail landscape into a haven for plants and animals. Of course, it's a perfect peaceful retreat for humans too!

The country park also home to Cosmeston Medieval Village, where visitors can experience 14th Century Wales up close. It's great fun- visitors get the chance to interact with costumed staff and learn about this fascinating historical period.

The Medieval Village is a great educational experience, but it's so vivid and captivating that kids won't even notice how much they're learning. The beautiful setting inside the country park just makes the trip more exciting and more of an occasion. If you're looking for a relaxed, stress-free day out, Cosmeston Lakes Country Park includes a restaurant and other facilities for walkers and families.

One of the most exciting heritage projects in South Wales lets you step back in time to see, touch,
and even smell how life was in 14th century Wales. admission